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Fluent in Energy

Entrance is fluent in energy. We design and build insightful software solutions with an exclusive focus on the oil and gas industry that unlock the value of your assets. Our Software Consulting group proactively addresses changing industry needs as they occur, rather than as they become common practice. In addition, we get the right information into the right hands with our SharePoint Consulting services.

We build and modernize Custom Software that addresses complex business or engineering issues beyond the capabilities of standard product offerings, creating an intellectual property asset for your company.

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BLOG: There Will Be Bugs! | Application Development Blog Series

Best practices for minimizing the impact and mitigating costs associated with fixing software bugs  First of all, let’s clear something up: what is a bug? A bug is a flaw...

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BLOG: How custom software ages | Application Development Video Series, Episode 1

Not unlike hardware, custom-built software applications can age over time. There are a variety of ways that a business can outgrow a software application, and those aging applications can become more...

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BLOG: SharePoint Trends for 2014

SharePoint is an application platform that allows you to take control of the content and documents that you put on the Internet. Though the capabilities are present in SharePoint for use...

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