Custom Software Improves Employee Productivity

July 2, 2010

The right people must have the right tools to be productive. Custom software can be a tool that helps a business reduce the barriers for communication between departments and teams, encouraging collaboration. This results in better decisions and creates a technology multiplier to the human resources of the business, both of which increase productivity.

Centralized Information Storage

The centralization of information storage that came from the development of these systems provides relevant reporting services to multiple departments at once throughout the company.

Case Study: Asset Management Database

Case Study: Production Operations Database

Purchase Order Database Consistency

Entrance created this custom database system to ensure compliance of Operational Purchase Orders with internal audit controls while also allowing for real-world flexibility in field operations.

Case Study: Purchase Order Database

Business Process Automation – Summary Reports

This application significantly shortened the time required to produce Project Summary reports. The process went from being manual and taking over three weeks to becoming automatic and finishing in under an hour, greatly increasing the company’s productivity.

Case Study: Manufacturing Project Summary

Knowledge Base

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