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After struggling for over a year to get our provider data in a format that would be usable for a web search, we hired Entrance Software. Entrance developed a search engine that met our needs. This was no easy task as the information had to be extracted from a very complicated licensed Oracle database application and enhanced to provide very specific information with several variables. Entrance worked with the application’s team earning their trust and cooperation and was able to help us develop “work arounds” for the database’s shortcomings. Other issues that we had previously worked on with a team of DBA’s for months were solved by Ernest in a matter of hours.

Since the initial web development, we have called on Ernest, our project manager, many times to help us with various issues. Ernest has always impressed us with his intelligence, knowledge and willingness to help. Ernest is brilliant, yet he has the wonderful ability to explain and educate on our level in a manner that is truly enlightening. It can be intimidating to work with this high caliber of expertise; however, Ernest makes it all seem so effortless and easy to understand. This rare ability to communicate makes every project with Entrance a truly productive and efficient encounter.

Mary Kay Wolfshohl, Operations Supervisor


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