Entrance Software Mission Statement

At Entrance Software, our mission is to enrich people’s lives through great software. We envision being the global authority on software for the energy industry. Entrance Software has certain Core Values to which we hold true without compromise in every situation. These values embody the Entrance Software experience. They are:

Be Curious– Ask, “Why?”and experiment without fear of failure, driven by a thirst for learning.

Find a Way – Commit unwaveringly to overcome obstacles through a spirit of resourcefulness.

Improve Everything – Continuously seek opportunities to make everything better i pursuit of excellence.

Serve Others – Lead by example, stewarding the best interests of others, even when they seem to run counter to your own.

Have Fun – Find balance and joy by working to live, instead of living to work.


Knowledge Base

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BLOG: There Will Be Bugs! | Application Development Blog Series

Best practices for minimizing the impact and mitigating costs associated with fixing software bugs  First of all, let’s clear something up: what is a bug? A bug is a flaw...

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BLOG: How custom software ages | Application Development Video Series, Episode 1

Not unlike hardware, custom-built software applications can age over time. There are a variety of ways that a business can outgrow a software application, and those aging applications can become more...

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BLOG: Field Data Capture and Disaster Recovery

In January, Entrance hosted a lunch and learn, “Field Data Capture for Oil and Gas Service Companies.” Entrance’s president, Nate, covered some of the key considerations that companies out in...

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