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Stop Wasting Time Looking for Valuable Data

When it’s time to generate a report or your  boss asks you a question related to metrics, does it take minutes or hours to come up with the answers you need?

Companies waste an inordinate amount of time looking for information they already have, because it’s either altogether inaccessible or bottlenecked by manual reporting. Make timely, informed decisions with the benefit of business intelligence (BI) solutions that break down departmental data silos and multiply the impact of information systems you already have in place.

There is no replacement for timely, targeted information to shape metrics into true business intelligence. The benefits of a BI tool include:
  • real-time data to prevent the need to dig for information
  • regular key performance metric updates to enable the analysis of trends
  • drill-down ability to examine trouble spots deeper

Think how decisive your company could be with a tool that truly put actionable information at your fingertips!

See Business Intelligence in action for one client’s production reporting system.


Making Business Intelligence Work For You

There is no one size fits all BI solution, so Entrance always starts its projects by examining specific clients needs and then utilizing the technology that meets that need best. There are some best practices we make sure are a part of every business intelligence solution we develop. Our dashboards…

This all comes together to provide your users, who were previously searching for information, with full visibility. This visibility enables decision makers to  easily see where their time needs to be spent and then quickly drill down to answer questions, see trends and analyze opportunities or threats.

With the help of the most advanced technology available, our solution can crunch your data so efficiently that users are operating in as close to real time as the sheer amount of information that your business operates on will allow.

People will act on what’s in front of them – whether it’s important or not. So keep what’s most important front and center. You already gather everything you need to stay ahead of the crowd, but without Business Intelligence you’re navigating in the dark. Let us turn the light on!

Ready to take the plunge? Download our Business Intelligence Dashboard Planning Kit now!

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