Custom Legal Software

Entrance Software can help your company strengthen its business development by streamlining operations through business process automation and data integration. A reliable system for documentation management can also increase productivity and reduce risks.

Legal Industry Challenges

Professionals in the Legal Industry work with businesses in a number of fields and therefore may face challenges specific to their client’s industries. However, there are challenges inherit to the professional services end of the Legal Industry, independent of the client, including:
  • document and information management
  • estimating project costs and deadlines
  • meeting customer requirements
  • working efficiently

Entrance Software can help those in the Legal industry address these challenges with custom software solutions.

Custom Legal Software Solutions

Using Microsoft SharePoint technology, we develop web-based portals that provide:
  • secure access to company documentation
  • check-in/check-out procedures for document management
  • information sharing
  • workforce collaboration

Entrance Software performs data integration to allow communication, sharing and synchronization of data between incompatible programs. This benefits businesses with processes such as:
  • accounting
  • billing
  • asset management


Custom Legal Software Clients

Some of the Entrance Software clients in the Legal Services industry include:

Absolute Planning O’Connor & Associates

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