Custom Utilities and Retail Energy Software

Through working closely with Providers, Aggregators, Brokers and Consultants in the Texas, New York, and Maryland deregulated electricity markets, Entrance Software has developed a strong skill set in managing data related to retail energy transactions. A primary example is our product CORE: Collaborative Operations for Retail Energy.

Utilities and Retail Energy Industry Challenges

Whether you are a broker, provider or in utility services, you’ve likely faced one or more of the following challenges:
  • price forecasting
  • electricity load and usage analysis
  • LOA generation and management
  • database management
  • sales processing

Entrance Software can help Utilities and Retail Energy companies address these challenges with custom software solutions.

Custom Utilities and Retail Energy Software Solutions

CORE is a platform for retail energy participants including Retail Energy Providers, Utilities and Retail Energy Brokers that automates the processes involved in retail energy from LOA generation and management through electricity load analysis and electricity usage analysis and customer relationship management.

For retail energy companies that use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, the Data Conversion Tool can:
  • convert transactional data from your CRM to your accounting system
  • automate monthly invoices
  • calculate commission payments

Entrance Software developed a Broker Management System that helps businesses:
  • collect usage data
  • track quotes
  • validate and send deal information through accounting system

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