Education Helps Entrance Provide Top Quality Consulting

We maintain a staff of business and industry oriented software and SharePoint consultants with degrees from top of the line computer science programs. Our consultants are all either certified or tracking for certification as Microsoft Professionals. And we firmly believe in continued technical and industry training.

We continually train our consultants, both on technical developments and on industry trends. We make sure that they bring the absolute latest and best insights to every project.

A Balanced Knowledge base

As a company, we have taken the stance that classical training in the theory behind computer science matters to the quality of the work produced by our consultants. We balance theoretical knowledge with technical experience built by solving real-world business scenarios. Beyond technical skill-sets, we also look for a well-rounded background and the ability to communicate – which is extremely important in moving from traditional software development to true software consulting, where we can provide a solution that actually meets your business needs.

Learning as a team

Once a month we have a company-wide meeting where one consultant is chosen to present on an area of technical expertise – either a new platform, an interesting technology development in the field, or even a lessons learned from a project they’ve been working on. This keeps our consultants intellectually engaged with their work, and involves them in the overview of what we do as a company as well as who they can go to for expertise on certain subjects.

Read more about our methodologies here.


Knowledge Base

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