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As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Entrance Software has a wealth of experience developing applications with Microsoft technologies. Our software experts are skilled in building web applications in ASP.NET and other components of the .NET Framework. Contact us today to discuss your .NET development needs.

Microsoft ASP.NET

ASP.NET is a web application model that is part of Microsoft’s .NET Framework. It was released in 2002 as the successor to the Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. ASP.NET is built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR) which allows software consultants to write code in any .NET language.

Characteristics of ASP.NET:

Pages – Also known as “web forms,” ASP.NET pages are the main component of web applications. These forms are contained in files with an “aspx” extension. These files contain html mark-up as well as server-side mark-up for web and user controls.

Code-behind model – This is the method of placing dynamic code in a separate file. This type of code deals with events such as page loading and controls being clicked by users.


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