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A successful educational experience is built upon an administration with a strong infrastructure and faculty with adequate resources so they can focus on educating rather than searching. At Entrance Software we value our educational experiences and work hard to help others achieve their own educational goals. Our software consultants have advanced academic backgrounds and experience as instructors which strengthens our understanding and development of quality custom education software.

Education Industry Challenges

The challenges facing the Education Industry are similar for institutions of all levels. Some of the matters of greatest concern are:
  • minimizing administrative expenses
  • organizing fundraising campaigns
  • managing educators, students and personnel
  • meeting local, state and federal requirements

Entrance Software can help those in the Education industry address these challenges with custom software solutions.

Custom Education Software Solutions

Web-based Portals and Applications are central to educational services in the 21st century. Using Microsoft SharePoint technology, we develop portals that provide for:
  • secure access to documentation
  • document management via check-in/check-out and version control
  • deployment of departmental web pages
  • enterprise application integration
  • connecting faculty, students and administration

Some of the Entrance Software clients in the Education industry include:
  • KIPP
  • Texas Teachers
  • RuBPA
  • Brazosport ISD

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