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Achieve Your Goals with Software Consulting

Software consulting is the art of creating custom software that actually meets your company’s needs. And because this software needs to match specific industry processes, understanding how your industry works matters. There are a lot of great software products out there, but if they’re not a fit for your industry, they probably won’t do much good towards accomplishing your goals.

Software is what connects people with information. So when thinking about software systems, there’s more to success than just delivery of a product.

If you’re tired of people saying “your software should work,” maybe it’s time to figure out a way to make that actually true! But as you evaluate different software options, you may get the  feeling you’re being offered a product, not because it’s right for you, but because the sales person has a commission to hit.

At Entrance, we bring a consulting business model, an unbiased opinion and industry expertise in software development to every project. Our consultants are trained to know your industry and we have the experience developing software, which only comes from being out there and doing quality work every day.

Why Software Consultants?

Software is a tool to help people interact with information as intelligently and efficiently as possible. So when do you need help with your toolset? Here are some symptoms you might recognize:
  • You get 15 reports a day and a separate quarterly overview, but still can’t easily problem solve on-the-fly or decide on the best path forward.
  • You want to know what’s going on in the field, but that information gets lost on its way to you.
  • You are constantly on the phone either asking or explaining what’s going on to clients – internally or externally.
  • Your numbers from one system don’t match what’s coming from others. You’ve got a lot of data, but it just never adds up.
  • You want to predict what will happen next, not based on experience and instinct, but on real numeric models.
  • You’ve identified a process, which can be automated, but don’t know whether to buy a solution off the shelf, build something or buy and customize.

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